HyperKarts is all about safety for you and your guests. We go to great lengths to ensure that the go karting equipment and venue exceed our strict requirements for safety. more…

Just for Kids

The new Hyper-Kiddie karts have arrived and they are amazing! Our Hyper-Kiddie karts are just what the kids ordered! They are slow for ages 3-7, small and lots of fun. Lear more about a children’s go kart party or call us today for more information 818-483-6990.

Just Cool

2015 is here! Are you ready to make your birthday parties, carnivals, and more even better? When you see the go-karts in action you won’t believe how cool they are!

Slot Car Racing

Slot car racing has been popular for a very long time.  It’s high speed racing excitement with super safety.  Click here to learn more about this unique party idea for adults AND kids!