Safety is our first priority at every event. This is why we take tremendous precautions to ensure that the drivers and spectators are kept safe for the duration of every event. HyperKarts technicians use portable barriers to surround the track and areas being used for the activities, keeping the drivers in control and the spectators out of danger.

Every event comes standard with at least two HyperKart staff to monitor the event’s details very carefully. From driver training to spectator control and keeping the event alive and running smooth, our staff are trained to keep things as tight and safe as possible. There is no bumping allowed, no reckless driving and no behavior which will create an unsafe environment. Any of these actions will cause the driver(s) to be removed from the attraction, allowing the rest of the participants to have an enjoyable and safe experience.

In addition to the safety our staff provides, our equipments meets its own set of safety requirements. Our go-karts are inspected following and prior to each event – including safety belts, operating controls, tires and all of the critical components of the vehicles. Although our electric Go-Karts are slow enough to be safe without them, every participant of the premium go-kart attraction will be provided with, and is required to wear a safety helmet.

So, whether it’s a childrens’ party or an adult special event, HyperKarts goes beyond standards to deliver a safe environment for you and your guests.

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