Remote Control Boat Party Delivered to You!

You don't need a pool. We bring everything needed!

Are you looking for something unique and fun for your upcoming Birthday Party, Carnival or Special Event? Have you considered a remote control boat party?  Why worry about driving your group somewhere, when you can have somewhere come to you? The HyperBoats Electric RC Boats attraction comes to your location, sets everything up and runs the attraction for you. We can even provide extras to enhance the already awesome experience. 

What’s included in your Remote Control Electric Boat party or special event?

  • 1 1/2 Hour event (additional hours available for purchase in advance)
  • 6 Electric Remote Control Boats at a time (extras are on hand to swap to keep your event charged!  Additional staff and boats are available to handle larger events)
  • Inflatable “HyperLake” give the boats enough space to race around!
  • 1 staff member to keep the attraction running smooth and smiles on everyone’s faces.
  • Shade canopy available for extra fee
There are different ways to have us run your HyperBoats party:

TAG:  This is where one of the boats is “it” and the other players have to touch another boat to pass along the “it.”  People love playing this game because it gives everyone a energy boosting goal.  We typically give each playing group about 3-5 minutes before switching to the next set of guests.

FREE PLAY:  This is simply a timed free play that allows guest to ride around without any competition.  We usually recommend 3-5 minutes per session to allow your guest to rotate.

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN:  This is a great game to play if you want a competition and a winner at the end.  In this game, your HyperBoats staff member or a guest will have the a lead boat and will try to get each player.  As a player is caught/touched they are out.   But be careful, there are floating buoys and if you touch one, you are out!   The last one standing wins the competition.  As a player gets out, a new player who hasn’t played will enter the competition.

CAPTURE THE BUOY:  This is  a team play.  Typically 3 boats will start on one side of the pool with a specified color buoy and the other team of 3 will start on the opposite end.  When the team leader says “go” the object is to touch the opposite team’s buoy first.  First team to touch gets a point.  First to 3 points wins!  Opponents are allowed to run interference by blocking – so anything goes!

TIMES OBSTACLE RACE:  One player goes at a time in this timed obstacle course.  The object is to complete the course objectives in the fast time…there will only be one winner!

BOAT RACING:  This requires a different set up but essentially will allow a race of all available boats to make laps around the ‘lake’ – first one to complete 3 laps wins!
Looking for something more?  We have add-ons such as Slushy machines, Electric Trackless trains, slot car racing and more.