For children 0 to adults, our Hyper Trackless Electric Train is the best form of entertainment for all ages.  Simply put, trains have always been the best way to travel to a child’s imagination – and with our ALL ELECTRIC trackless train, there is NO GAS SMELL, NO OIL,  NO POLLUTION and NO LOUD NOISE – Just simple electric power to deliver up to 24 smiles at once!  Our trackless train can ride on grass or asphalt and goes a nice slow speed of 3-5 miles an hour creating the perfect experience for your guests.

Our electric trackless train is equipped with speakers for music to really enhance the experience and fun!

For private parties and corporate events, we can even decorate the sides with your logo, photo or advertisement….and for special events, we can even provide your guest with a ride from the parking lot to the main event.

Call a HyperParties booking agent today for your Hyper-Trackless Train Party at: 818-483-6990