Jobs with HyperParties – Be Your Own Boss

Want to be your own boss and work smarter, not harder?  HyperParties is hiring very highly motivated people who want to create their own future.  If you are responsible and have a drive to be successful and LOVE working with kids and adults of all ages, then you are in the right place at the right time.

HyperParties is looking for amazing people to run a division of HyperBoats Parties.  Here is the plan:

  1. Once approved, you will receive the HyperBoats equipment.
  2. Your job is to promote the party to neighbors, friends and anyone else you know about through word of mouth, email, phone and social networking.  Of course, we will feed you any party leads we receive for your area.
  3. You can either run the parties yourself and make more money, or hire staff to run the parties while you manage manage the bookings.
  4. Once you get going, you can manage more and more parties and get passive income from your network built in step 2 above.

Want to learn more about the opportunity or apply, fill out the form below: