Toddlers and Kids Water Play Park Party

Los Angeles is a tough place to keep toddlers and little kids occupied in a safe environment.  But what if you were able to have a water play park delivered to your home in the safety of your own backyard?  Well, it’s here!  HyperParties now delivers quality water play tables directly to your home or venue and picks them up at the end of the day.  We’ve selected the best tables to keep your little ones and their friends occupied for hours.  All you have to do is schedule a date, and we deliver clean, safe and fun water play tables to you and pick them up at the end of the day.  Give your little ones something to play with all day long…yes, they will get wet, but it’s all in good fun, and what kid doesn’t like to splash around!

Included with every party package is a brand new box of water toys, which you get to keep.  Balls, boats, buckets and more are all yours after we leave.  To learn more about the water play parties, visit HyperPartiesLA.com today.