Great Birthday Party Ideas for boys and girls in Los Angeles, San Diego and Surrounding Areas

So, you’re looking for the greatest and best birthday party idea in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and the greater LA area?  If you have boys or girls who want something no one else has done but will get the attention of the season?  HyperBoats electric remote control RC boats is the newest and most fun attraction you can get today.

With groups of 6-8 playing at one time, imagine playing tag with a boat or racing your friends.  It’s so much fun our customers keep coming back for more…and yes even adults get laughs and excitement from this great party idea.

HyperParties comes to your home, business, park or other venue for carnivals, birthday parties, fairs, school events, camps or pretty much any event you want.  They come equipped with an inflatable “lake” (pool) and everything needed to have a great time.  Because their electric remote boats are small, the amount of water required for this attraction is very little but the fun is very big.  Kids and adults of all ages will have a blast racing , tagging and just riding around.  It’s like New York’s Central Park but in your own backyard.

Want to step things up even more?  Order a slushy machine and allow your guests to have a cool treat throughout your party.

Want to learn more about the electric remote control RC boat parties?  Great!  Give us a visit to https://hyperpartiesla.com and learn more or book your next event.