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How long in advance should I book my event or party?

Although we may be able to accommodate last minute bookings, because of the high demand for our services, the sooner you book the better.  Most of our clients book their events 3-6 weeks in advance.  Securing the location for your event, such as a park, recreation hall or banquet hall may require advanced reservations, sometimes even months in advance, so be sure to plan ahead.

Where can I have my event or party?

There are many locations to host your party or event.  Depending on the attraction you choose, the space requirements may vary.  For HyperBoats, we just need a 10 foot x 10 foot area with close access to an electrical outlet and a hose for water.  If you don’t have a hose, we would need some large buckets to fill the inflatable pool.  We will not be filling the pool to the top, we just need enough water to fill it a few inches deep.  For the HyperTrain, the best locations are large open paved areas such as parking lots, basketball courts, tennis courts and auditoriums.  Many schools and parks rent out space for parties.  Simply call the location you are interested in and reserve enough space for us to set up.  We can also host the event on grass, as long as it is completely flat without bumps and the grass is short-cut and packed – not high growing grass.

Since safety is at the top of our list, we need to make sure that your location is pre-approved by our team.  Any public area requires reservations and permitting with the city or governing party and private locations require the permission of the registered owner.  Our team will be happy to assist you with this process, just give us a call.

Are the Go-Karts safe?
Yes.  HyperKarts Go-Karts are safe, quiet and clean.  Because our Go-Karts are fully electric, they do not use gas or oil – which means they are quiet, clean and don’t have dangerous chemicals or fire hazards associated with gas go-karts.  All HyperKarts Go-Karts are inspected regularly to ensure all of the components are in tip top shape and ready for their next job.  In addition, each participant is provided with safety helmets during the ride.

Another special safety feature of our go karts is that they are equipped with speed control modules to allow the event technicians to pre-select a safe speed for each event – slower for younger kids and a bit faster for the older ones.  Each technician also carries a remote control, during the event, to immediately shut down all of the karts to get things on track – if needed.

How fast do the Go-Karts go?
HyperKarts super safe Go-Karts can typically go between 8 and 15 miles per hour depending on the event, track conditions, rider weight and specific client requests.

What is the cancellation policy?
Because we are turning down other events, once we reserve your date, there will be a 100% cancellation fee immediately applicable upon booking.  Dates are not considered reserved until we receive advanced payment, the signed or electrically submitted event agreement and a release of liability form.  Events cancelled due to weather may be rescheduled within 6 calendar months of the original scheduled date on an available date on our schedule.  After that time, the collected fee will be forfeited.

What is the youngest age that can use the Go-Karts?
We have different types of karts for different ages.  For kids aged 3-5, we have Kiddie Karts that go about 1-5 miles per hour.  The youngest age allowed to drive our premium Go-Karts is 6 years and about 42 inches in height (driver must be able to reach the pedals and safely operate the vehicle).  We also have a two-person premium kart available for rental which allows younger participants to ride with older drivers.  Be sure to ask about this option when booking your event.

What is the youngest age that can use the HyperBoats?
The HyperBoats are very easy to operate with the remote control and are very safe to operate.  We typically recommend 6 and up for the HyperBoats, however it depends on the participants’ ability to control the boat.

Can your Go-Karts be used indoors?
Yes.  Because the Go-Karts are all electric and have no fumes, no gas, no oil and are really quiet, the karts can be used in recreation halls, indoor basketball courts, banquet halls and any other indoor area large enough to accommodate the track size you want.

How much space do I need for a Go-Kart party?
Go-Kart parties need to have enough space for a track.  For small Kiddie Karts, all we need is about 20×20 feet of hard surface area.  For our premium Go-Karts we recommend at least 60×60 feet, however, the more space we have to set up, the better the track.  We can setup our inflatable track or we can use barriers or cones to accommodate various shaped areas and client requests.  Call us to speak with a HyperKarts event coordinator for your specific requirements.

How many go-karts do I need for my event?
With an average ride lasting 2-3 minutes, each car is capable of providing entertainment for about 10 people per hour.  A 2-hour event with 4 go karts will be able to provide 80 rides, or 4 rides per person with a 20 person event.  For larger events, carnivals and corporate team building, we recommend using the maximum 5 Hyper-Racer karts plus the Hyper-Twin, which will allow for up to 70 rides per hour, or 420 rides for a 6 hour event.  If needed, rides can be modified to take less time in order to accommodate more riders.  For example, at two minutes per ride, we can accommodate approximately 600 guests over the course of a 6 hour event.