Awesome Kids Birthday Party Idea in Los Angeles

When planning a birthday party for our kids, everyone is always looking for something new, something no one else has done and something everyone will be talking about after the weekend.  We’ve all had enough of the clowns, magicians, bubble people and pin the tail on the donkey.  We are fed up with the ordinary and want the extraordinary.  Well, we have the answer for you.  The all new Los Angeles Electric Remote Control Boat Party, now accepting reservations in the Los Angeles area.

This unique and awesome party is something everyone will be tweeting about, Instagramming and talking about at the cooler after the weekend.  This is the event that will put you on the map.  This is the party that your kids will love you for, because their friends will have such a great time.

Everything is brought to your home or venue location ready to go in about 30 minutes or less and will keep your guest occupied for hours.  The HyperBoats electric remote control RC boats are so cute but so awesome.  There area a variety of games the HyperBoats Captain can run for you.  From boat tag to boat racing there are several games to choose from.  The most popular is boat tag because it just gets the kids’ adrenaline flowing.  No one wants to be it, but in HyperBoats tag you’ve gotta be quick with the stick to escape being caught.

Learn more at https://hyperpartiesla.com